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I was checking out my site with my iPhone 4s and noticed that my videos were not able to be played. So I surfed over to some other sites and the same thing happened. My videos are embedded using HTML5. So that wasn’t the problem.

I found the problem to be with my iPhone. to fix this problem you need to do the following:
Go to settings->safari->Clear cookies and data, it will fix the problem. Or so it has for me.

If there is another solution I would love to hear it in the comments @


The “Minimalist Movement” is a topic that’s become wildly popular in the last few years.  People are now concerned with eliminating what’s not important and focusing on the things that truly matter.  Some have even gone as far as getting […]

Stop Complaining! Traffic Strategies that WORK! IF YOU WORK!

Stop Complaining!  Traffic Strategies that WORK!   IF YOU WORK!

Just finished reading Crush It, great book on branding